Call Tracking Number

From: $20.00 / month and a $50.00 sign-up fee



Call Tracking numbers are dedicated numbers.  These are one of professional marketers’ best tools to track ROI from campaigns.

Calls are delivered directly to you but our system reports on every call.

  • See a real-time log of all of your calls with durations
  • See the names of landline callers
  • Access to an app to see calls and return calls from your dedicated number
  • Send sales calls to multiple parties – make sure every call is answered by sending them to several members of your team

Why Use a Call Tracking Number?

Marketing Campaign Results

Whether it is a web campaign or a physical mailer, a dedicated tracking number is essential to tracking your return on investment.

Never Miss A Call

Money and effort in marketing can go to waste if the calls don’t get answered.  Make sure you see every call; return the ones that are missed.

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